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1_a. When shall we send the declaration form.

TOGETHER WITH THE files of your DESIGN. DEALINE: March 10th 12 p.m (Italian time)

b.The entries should be sent to which email?

See ENTRY FEE and eventually Ask to

c.Maximum number of particpants for one work



2_The ddl of submission is March Thursday 10th? YES

And what I need to do is to completed all the files you need and submit to you by March 10th on your Coming Soon website?

Are there other ddl? Such as I need to submit declaration form and pay for entry fee before it? Or just do everything together? Everything together


3_If the participants are from different universities, so the ENDORSEMENT BY DEAN OF FACULTY or HEAD OF SCHOOL and the University/School Stamp,Signature and so on should include all the participants' deans?One is sufficient


4_Yet I'm not sure that I understand the "Submission requirements" section - 

Do I need to prepare both poster (2 pieces A1) and a booklet of A3 papers that described my project?

See SUBMISSION REQUIREMENT: we ask only 2/3 pdf and a brief description (250 words maximum)

2/3 n.2 pdfs of the project (numbered in the order they should be viewed): they should be prepared to be viewed as A3 printed documents in portrait format, and, if the project should be a prize winner, as full sized posters (2 pieces A1 in portrait format).


5_being informed about The 53rd IFLA World Congress held in Torino within 20-22 of April I have got several questions regarding the possibility of taking part in it.
     Could you kindly provide me with any information upon the availability of visiting access to the conference for hose who do not present any report or do not taking participation in the student competition. I am studying in Politecnico di Milano on Laurea Magistrale in Architecture. I am strongly interested in visiting the conference in order to improve my awareness of contemporary tendencies in Landscape Architecture fields.
     I would be very grateful to you for any comment or advise upon this and registration procedure in case it needed.

You can participate as student, paying the registration fee, see ifla2016 REGISTRATION, to follow the congress.


6_a. Do we need to register or pay entry fees? YES see  Student Competition ENTRY FEE

b. Is DIGITAL files the only need ? YES see Student Competition SUBMISSION REQUIREMENT


7_I am a teacher of Xi an Architecture and Technology University, our students want to join this competition very much. However, we are in china where can not connect Google by internet, and then can not download the declaration form. Would you please send me a declaration form by mail?

Please find the DECLARATION FORM


8_ I am a member of the team from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China. Our team members are graduate students majoring in Mdes and MFA. Our speciality orientations are Landscape Architecture, but we are not the professional MLA Students. Thus, can our Mdes or MFA's student play a role in leadership of the team, or we must find a MLA student to take the responsibility of the leader? And another question is can our team consist of members from different university, such as 2 members from Shanghai jiaotong University and another 3 from Huadong Normal University?

Broad interdisciplinary submission are welcomed, but a landscape architecture student must head the team, if in your country there is a MLA.