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Entry fee

An entry fee of between USD 10 and USD 50 is required for your submission*; the entry fee is to be paid at the time of submission. To submit your entry and pay the entry fee, please visit IFLA Student Design Competition page here: Student Competition

The exact entry fee is based on the country of origin for the educational institution of which you are a student; the fee is calculated using the Purchasing Power Index to ensure that you are charged an equitable amount. Click here for the fee for your country.

Discount: 10-20 entrants from the same educational institution will be charged a cumulative total of no more than USD 500 (this will also be reduced according to the country of origin of the educational institution). 20 entrants from the same educational institution will therefore enjoy a 50% discount each.

*Your university or other third party may pay the entry fee on your behalf but it is your responsibility to agree this with your university or third party and notify the IFLA Secretariat.

Any questions about the Student Design Competition Entry Fee may be directed to the IFLA Secretariat on: