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Submissions must adhere to the following or they will be disqualified:

1 - All submissions must be in English, which is the official language of the IFLA World Congress.

2 - Submission requirements:

  • 2/1 a declaration form (download from the web page or here): listing the author or team of the project; the project title; the school/university and program name; the endorsement of the dean or program head. Save as an un-editable pdf.
  • 2/2 a brief description (maximum 250 words): written summary of the project, including project context, issues to be addressed, main features, and innovations. This is for potential use in the jury report or any subsequent publications. This must be saved as a pdf and include the project title, but with NO mention of the project team or school. The text must be unjustified, left aligned and double spaced, in Times New Roman, font 12.
  • 2/3 n.2 pdfs of the project (numbered in the order they should be viewed): they should be prepared to be viewed as A3 printed documents in portrait format, and, if the project should be a prize winner, as full sized posters (2 pieces A1 in portrait format). The panels must include the project title, but NO information that would identify either the author, the team or the school. As entries are received, serial numbers will be assigned, and entries shall be referred to by number to ensure anonymity during the judging. The final product, when printed at 100% size, must comprise a maximum of two (2) A1 posters (each one measuring 841mmx594mm, portrait format only). The posters will be displayed next to each other with a 20 mm gap between them, according to the following graphic (note the portrait orientation):

3 - Submit these files following the instructions on the web page for Submission of Competition.

4 - Please note the following:

  • Include enough information to provide context for the project (for example, air photo, site plan, other context information.
  • Provide a range of drawings at a range of scales that are appropriate for the purposes of illustrating the project.
  • Make sure to provide a clear and concise description of the intentions of the project, special issues or considerations, approach and methods, and concepts. (maximun 250 words) Legends, notes and captions should be minimal and are not included in the word count.
  • Projects consisting of number or orientation other than what is specified in the brief (2 posters, portrait orientation) shall be disqualified.
  • Projects with description or written texts in un-official languages or exceeding the maximum words shall be disqualified.
  • Any written part on the panel must be in English.
  • The entrants must ensure that all images, photographs and other material taken from other sources are correctly attributed. Source credits are not included in the word count. 

Direct any questions regarding the competition to: