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Charette participation requirements


To apply for the Charette, complete and submit the application form - available online. The application must be completed in full, and include:

-  a cover letter demonstrating the team’s interest in joining the Charette signed by all of the participating students;

- a collective portfolio of works and a short student profile describing each participant’s academic background (ateliers, workshops, essays...);

-  a statement signed by the students’ professor attesting to their proficiency in communicating and presenting in written and spoken English.

The application should be submitted online according to the scheduled deadline.



-  all students must be currently enrolled in a landscape architecture program or attending a specific landscape architecture course (where a Country or a University does not include a program specifically identified as Landscape Architecture);

-   students should have sufficient background in landscape architecture theory and practice in order to participate;

-   experience in participating in international workshops may be an asset;

-   all students must have the ability to communicate and present in written and spoken English; 

-   the Charette encourages and attempts to include teams representing different parts of the world;

-   all students should have skills in the use of digital instruments and programs, hand/sketch drawing abilities, etc.



To register for the Charette, after the selected teams have been notified, each team must register by March 1st, 2016.



There will be no more than 50 participants taking part in the Charette. Ten (10) teams of students will be selected to attend the workshop, ideally coming from different schools/universities around the world.

Each team will comprise five (5) students, with one of the students designated by the group as the main contact/coordinator. All team members must be part of the same school or university.



The local Organizing Committee (AIAPP) will apply a registration fee of 400,00 Euro per team. This fee includes full instructions during the Charette, accommodation and meals during the Charrette (16th – 19th April), transportation to/from the project site, relevant working materials and supplies, and any necessary printing of the project work.

Schools and universities are strongly  encouraged to support the students participating in the Charette, through payment of the participation fee, travel costs, for each student. The students are responsible for soliciting this support from their school.



3 Italian and 3 foreign tutors, with experience in landscape architecture and in working with students, will carry out the workshop and guide the groups/teams of students, providing scientific and technical assistance, during the Charette. The six tutors will be appointed by the Congress Scientific Committee. The list of the tutors will be listed on line shortly.

Tutor biographies (click here)



The Nava Polman-Gerson Foundation, Duiven – The Netherlands, is the Charette’s main sponsor funding the prizes for the Charette to a total sum of $ 3,000 US.

IFLA and AIAPP provide the location of the Charette, accommodation and meals for participating students, plus materials and supplies.

Participating students are responsible for obtaining any individual support for travel, or fees, from their school or from alternative sponsors.

IFLA and AIAPP will not provide any financial support other than what is specified in this document.



The groups’ works will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

-       effective investigation of the competition topic;

-       illustration of best methods for improving the standards and practices of landscape architecture;

-       evidence of reflection and concern for the investigated landscape values;

-       appraisal of the options available for the proposed landscape intervention;

-       quality of the proposed design.

Jury biographies (click here)



The jury will select the three best works. The prizes will be awarded during a specific session of the IFLA World Congress.

Prizes are provided by the Nava Polman-Gerson Foundation – The Netherlands.

The prizes are:

-       1st      Prize: $ 1500 US

-       2nd    Prize: $ 1000 US

-       3rd     Prize: $ 500 US



The winning works will be published in the Congress’s Media venues:

-       IFLA 2016 World Congress -

-       IFLA -

-       AIAPP, Italian Association of Landscape Architecture -


Other publications relating to the Charette, held during the 53rd IFLA World Congress, may be developed.


IFLA and the local Organizing Committee (AIAPP) retain the rights of duplication and publication of any or all materials developed during the Charette, and there shall be no obligation whatsoever to the participants, beyond acknowledging the authorship of the works exhibited or published.



All students participating in the Charette will receive a certificate of participation.



For the Charette of the 53rd IFLA World Congress, budget items, provided by the Organization, include, but are not limited to:

-       accommodation and meals during the workshop;

-       transport to/from the project site;

-       appropriate & necessary materials and supplies (room rentals, cds, dvds, printing of material developed by the groups/teams of students for review by the Jury, full size plotting of the winning works, plus any other number of prints as determined by the Charette Supervisor).



As requested by IFLA, according to the IFLA Student Design Competition Processes, Protocols and Recommendations, the Jury consists of three members: the Chair of the IFLA Competitions Committee (IFLA Chair), who is also Chair of the Jury; one member appointed by IFLA; one member appointed by AIAPP.



Participation in the Charette implies unconditional acceptance of the following rules.

All works carried out by the teams of students during the Charette are the property of the local Organizing Committee (AIAPP). Materials developed by the teams of students during the workshop will not be returned to the authors.

The works developed by the students during the Charette will be placed on exhibition for the duration of the 53rd IFLA World Congress, and may also be exhibited elsewhere at the discretion of the IFLA-Regional Component (the host Organizing Committee – the Italian Association of Landscape Architects - AIAPP), and as approved by the IFLA Chair and IFLA ExCo.

IFLA and the local Organizing Committee (AIAPP) retain the rights of duplication and publication of any or all materials developed during the Charette, and there shall be no obligation whatsoever to the participants, beyond acknowledging the authorship of the works exhibited or published.

The Jury shall preside over the competition, and is the sole arbiter at all levels until the final attribution of the prizes. All decisions of the Jury are final.

The winning teams of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prizes shall be announced by the IFLA President upon recommendation of the Jury.

Participants are forbidden from requesting any information from members of the Jury.



All inquiries regarding the Charette, the Charette brief and registration should be submitted to Include the tag #charette in the subject of your email.